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after more than 20 years experience in the area of Shipping, logistics, programming and a combined activity as a system analyst, we have decided to invest these professional roots and the knowledge in an own company, with a stronger main focus in the software development.

In view of the fact of still missing good working software solutions in the shipping business, we see very good touch points in the areas of system project management, system analysis, system development, software programming or in-house consulting. Many shipping companies have up to now started their own shipping software, but not all reached the level of well working systems.

Our knowledge is based from a long-standing experience in different leading positions in the product management, above all, with the launch of products as well as by the development of strategies.

Check your own technical profile and find the requirements for interesting application possibilities in your house. Develop with us your new working process and innovate your software solutions.

BBISS GmbH  - the intelligent software solutions
BBiss  -  business intelligent software solutions