On the following pages we would like to illustrate some applications, to allow impressions about intelligent software solutions by BBISS. Our application are powerfull and efficiency.

For the development of our modules we use to work with test data of about 250,000 distributed containers and approx. 600 depots as well as over 100 terminals world-wide. Thus we receive a realistic time performance and are able to built solutions to our customers by all optimal logistic applications to cover 1,000 or 500,000 or more containers.
We offer structured and clear modular designed applications. All modules of the programs are callable by toolbar-icons or directly out of each
For the record and updates of the master data such as adresses, persons, terminals, depots etc, we offer smart complex dialogues for a direct and purposeful treatment. Any changes of dialogues also inside complex data environment is not necessary.
Application Dialogue Samples
Modular Application Architecture
Sample - Masterdata / Overview and Edit
Dialog Example "Area"
With our very sprecial and flexible user administration logic, we will protect sensitive data against unauthorized access. In addition to the rotation password logic, user access rights for reading, creating, changing and deleting of data can be easily controlled and managed on user or user group level. These rights can be assigned module wise, or by dialogue or at the datawindow level.
Application Users / User Rights
Sample - Control Areas / Forecast
Define your own worldwide operating sales offices by "Control areas" and inform yourselves from the respective Sales offices about their requirements of container types area wise for the next weeks.
The system will determine from these figures, reported by the sales offices and what actually moved as per history data to allow the most accurate future planning and equipment steering without any needless positioning. Reduce unnecessary container transports, avoid real demand situations and keep your container inventories on a workable level

Sample - Route Finder
After the input of a minimum of requested data, our Saftey Booking System with integrated route finder will provide immediately all expenses and all possible transport combinations with their priorities ( cost-wise / time-wise / vessel space optimization etc ).
During this route find process, the system will consider as well the container types and cargo facilities. Prohibited cargo will not be accepted or only routed via possible transit routes; overbookings will be avoided; negative business can be detected prior the booking confirmation.  Wrong or incorrect bookings can be almost excluded.

Sample - Safety Booking
The selected transport route will be stored as a planned booking for further processing.
applictions.  Each module is arranged by their individual dialogues (Tagpages). Each dialogue will consists of his own selection window, arranged in the header by search functions and/or selections of data and further data windows with most different functionality for the data inquiry and/or working on data. Each data window has a header with titles and action buttons for most different functions like e.g. creation, deletion, copy or search for data.
To work on already exiting data, we use dragdrop datawindows to speed up the access and work on this issue fast and purposeful.