Can you control and evaluate the business by each of your customers?

Can your system provide volume, trends, business results to optimize your business?

Is your system checking the optimum routes including all T/S ports?

Can your system calculate distances and costs for door to door services?

Are you able to control all invoices and costs claimed or handled by all of your offices and agencies?

How do you avoid the overcharges and manage the auditing of accounts?

How do you manage the container releases? Do you have the full control of all your container stocks? Do you need to ask the depots for details first?

Can you control and steer planned and unplanned container movements?

Are your systems able control full and empty staying units?

Is your forecast system running well and can you trust the volume of requested units?

Is your system providing optimized container move plans to steer the empties on low cost base?

Are your transport dispatcher able to combine transports by your system? Every missing combination is losing money.
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