Use of own programmed intelligent index access for highest, fasted, comprehensive and safety performance.
High performance PLSQL on ORACLE 10 or higher (direct database programming).
Sybase Power Builder 10.5 or higher versions. (Windows and WEB applications)
Get known of your customers. Record all customer related data and evaluate the business regular.
Record all rate offers by customer and use this data for auto-rating
Manage the vessel schedule by electronic data interface
Record all events and show the data for your customers information
Calculate correct transit times and inform your customers regular
Get all movement data by EDI to be up to date
Problem analysis and development of capable system solutions. Development of own system logics and adaptions of individual system requirements.
All systems can be developed under the consultation of BBISS
System updates, training as well as further developments can be ordered.
We focus on the realization of global operational logistic systems, especially in the area of shipping and transport.
You can order our service in development and programming of global logistic software as well as consultant for system applications, or as adviser.
BBiss is located in the area of Hamburg, Germany. For more details please visit our products, Info & Service and Sample Screens.
Connect already existing system with your solutions